Introducing Fresh Start Home Insurance for people with unspent criminal convictions

There are around 750,000 people in the UK with an unspent criminal conviction and each year another 7,250 that have a conviction which is never spent.

It is a little known fact that having an unspent criminal conviction is likely to invalidate most mainstream home insurance policies, this not only applies to a homeowner with a criminal conviction but also if anyone living at the residence has an unspent criminal conviction as well.

Sadly many people find this out the hard way by having a claim declined by their insurer; meaning 100,000s of households are financially exposed and the support is not there when people need it the most.

Voyager Insurance Services Ltd. has just launched a facility on its WEBroker online broker platform, giving access to its ‘Fresh Start’ Home Insurance product to nearly 1,000 brokers, enabling them to request dedicated quotes quickly and easily for any of their clients who cannot find cover in the general market and are seeking Home Insurance as a result of them or another household member having an unspent criminal conviction. The product can consider all forms of criminal conviction even including convictions such as fraud and arson.

“’Fresh Start’ has been designed specifically for those with unspent criminal convictions who require Home Insurance. Unfortunately, for individuals with unspent criminal convictions, acquiring Home Insurance can be quite a lengthy and repetitive task whereby clients often find themselves rejected by mainstream Insurers, meaning that the process is usually more difficult than it is for people without criminal convictions” says Carl Carter, Deputy Managing Director.

Carter went on to say, ‘Some people make the big mistake of not declaring their conviction when obtaining Home Insurance, and then find their claim is rejected and policy void as they have unknowingly been excluded from their own policy – a policy that they have paid for and that they believed provided them cover. Our Fresh Start Home Insurance facility is regarded as one of the leading brands in this sector and has been providing Home Insurance for those with criminal convictions for 15 years.”

Carter continues, ‘By filling this gap in the broker market for customers with unspent criminal convictions we are helping brokers to provide a valuable niche product which will allow them to better meet their own client’s needs while generating additional repeat revenue.’

Recommended by BIBA, Unlock (E-Offenders Charity), NACRO, Probation Officers Service and HM Prison Service, Fresh Start has made a strong impact, providing a much needed service.

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