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WEBroker 2014 Medical Screening

As with every year, please remember to carefully read the WEBroker 2014 medical declaration questions to your clients, so they can decide whether they really need to call WEBroker Healthcheck. This also applies if a client is renewing their policy and screened last year as their conditions may have changed.

Due to the changes we have had to make to medical screening on this year's WEBroker policy, any clients who call the Healthcheck screening service will have to pay an additional premium of at least £12 (including IPT) to cover their conditions, even if they can answer 'NO' to all the questions and are calling ‘just to make sure’.

As previously advised, it is no longer possible to opt to take a policy and exclude the declared conditions, or where the medical condition is over the maximum level of possible acceptance under WEBroker 2014. We would like to help you appreciate and understand this so that you can explain to your clients the two key reasons:

Firstly, because it certainly does not meet your clients needs for travel insurance. It is very unwise for anyone to travel without appropriate cover in place for their known conditions, particularly where these conditions lead to a marked increase in risk, thus leaving them exposed to increasingly huge medical costs.

Sadly, claims for medical treatment in excess of £100,000 are not uncommon now and there are very few people who could afford to pay such sums from their personal resources, therefore your client should be buying the cover appropriate for their needs.

Secondly, because of the difficulties that arise when dealing with a claim for someone who has an excluded underlying medical condition and is admitted for something that may be thought of as completely unconnected, even as a result of an apparently minor accident. The difficulty is determining which costs are covered and which are excluded by the policy.

Hospital protocols often dictate, for instance, that a wider range of tests and investigations have to be carried out because of the underlying medical history than would otherwise be the case.

Existing conditions and medications may also mean that treatment options are restricted or complicated and therefore the medical treatment is made more expensive. These additional costs can often dwarf the typical treatment costs that would apply for someone without the underlying health problems.

We hope this clarifies the medical screening process and the reasons behind the changes on this year's WEBroker policy. Please contact the Voyager office on 01483 562 662 if you have any queries.