Adventures Travel Insurance Renewal

Voyager Insurance is pleased to confirm our very popular Adventures Travel Insurance product is renewing with effect from 1st August 2015.

We are pleased to announce that Curtailment is now included in the policy, with up to £2,000 cover with Event Excess of £100. Our addition of Curtailment means that the Insured will have additional cover if the trip is necessarily and unavoidably Curtailed following an accident whilst the Insured is participating in an Insured Activity.*

Adventures is a bolt on travel insurance product for activities and sports that can be added as “top-up” to any existing travel insurance policy or to provide cover for activities that are not covered by our Voyager WEBroker Travel Insurance product, inspired by the many travellers and holidaymakers who decide to partake in more adventurous and often more hazardous activities during their trip.

A Summary of Adventures Travel Insurance key features includes:

Travel Activity Flexibility: Cover for a very wide range of higher-risk activities not covered by regular travel insurance. We can even include:

  • Track Days
  • Off Road Motorcycling
  • Parachuting
  • Paragliding
  • Bull Running
  • Endurance Test (Tough Mudder / Ironman)
  • Cave Diving
  • Sky Diving
  • Hang Gliding (EU only)
  • Many Professional Sports
  • Trekking including Everest Base Camp

Add to Any Travel Insurance Policy: This Insurance option is suitable for any policy holder with existing travel insurance. Their primary travel insurance does not need to have been purchased from Voyager Insurance, and can be used to “top-up” Single Trip and Annual Multi Trip Policies that have been purchased elsewhere.

Duration of Insurance Flexibility: Pay for just for the duration of the activity saving your clients money. If you are doing the activity regularly you can opt for to add Adventures to any Annual Multi-Trip Policy.

Time of Purchase Flexibility: The policy can be purchased whilst already abroad if your client decides they want to try an activity or sport, provided there is not already a claim and the traveller can comply with the terms and conditions of the policy.

Summary at a Glance:

Changes with effect from 1st August 2015 include:

  • A new policy wording (available upon request).
  • Curtailment Cover (£2,000 with £100 excess) as a consequence of being injured whilst taking part in the Insured activity.
  • Addition of Free Running (Parkour) European Area Only.
  • Addition of Track Days – Motorcycles (Non-UK)
(Quotations provided prior to 1st August 2015 will be valid for 31 days under the prior product).

The Adventures policy can only be purchased by contacting Voyager Insurance and declaring the activities requiring cover. Call the Voyager Insurance Broker Support team on 01483 562 662.

*General Terms & Conditions and Exclusions apply. For the full list of Terms & Conditions and Exclusions please refer to the Adventures Policy 2015/2016 wording (available upon request).