Important News relating to the launch of NEW products

Voyager Insurance launches NEW High Risk Location Travel, Kidnap & Ransom and P.A. Cover

Voyager Insurance is pleased to announce the launch of its latest range of innovative travel and international personal and corporate protection insurance products; Kidnap and Ransom Insurance, PanOptimum Modular High Risk Travel Insurance & Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation Insurance. These products are designed to insure individuals needing protection in high risk areas of the world.

“Many brokers and intermediaries have corporate clients or individuals who operate in, or need to travel to, high risk areas of the world and require insurance products to protect their staff, mitigate risk, as well as fulfil their legal duty of care”, says Carl Carter, Director. “This is a significant opportunity for brokers and intermediaries of all sizes as it is a common requirement for clients and their staff travelling to such areas.”

Carter adds, “If a broker already places such business, or would like to learn more - then we are in a strong position to assist with our complete suite of easy to access international specialist insurance products that provide cover whilst operating worldwide including high risk or remote regions of the world such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan and certain African and South American countries.”

Carter continues, “In the past some brokers have shied away from these very lucrative lines of business, partly because it was traditionally accessed via Lloyd’s brokers and it could take a while to get a quote, but with our Voyager Insurance facility and express quote turn-around times we have been able to streamline this. Now 90% of quotes can be delivered within two business days”.

Products available include:

  • Kidnap and Ransom Insurance (K&R)

  • PanOptimum Modular High Risk Travel Insurance - pick and choose from Business Travel, P.A, Kidnap & Ransom, Political & Natural Disaster Evacuation

  • Political & Natural Disaster Evacuation Insurance

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Snap-Shot Features:

  • Individuals, small groups and corporate groups.

  • Single Trip & Corporate Annual Policies.

  • Quick Quotes - usually within 2 working days of completed information form.

  • All products include access to a 24/7 Global Emergency and Crisis Response Service providing emergency support in the event of a medical emergency or a crisis. Backed by a worldwide ‘on the ground’ network of quick reaction medical and personal security experts.

  • Products insured by International Insurance Company of Hannover SE, ‘Inter Hannover’, a leading insurance company rated A+ (‘Superior’) by A. M. Best.

  • Available to UK, EU/EEA, US, Australian and Canadian citizens in any country worldwide or any company or organisation in those countries who are sending staff overseas. A wide range of other nationalities operating worldwide can also be catered for upon application.


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